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Monday, January 2, 2012


Spicy Nodes is an online tool that allows students and educators to plot a road map presentation that magnifies a current destination while maintaining a background display of each previous and future topic to be revealed in the presentation. One could use SpicyNodes as a simplified version of Microsoft Powerpoint, or as a substitute for Prezi presentations.

SpicyNodes Tutorial

Below is a list of pros, cons and neutrals for using SpicyNodes:

  • Allows viewer to see a glimpse of each upcoming frame.
  • Very simplistic design, thereby allowing students to focus on simple statements for content, as opposed to the many features that Microsoft PowerPoint offers.
  • Ability to integrate media (youTube videos, music, images) into presentation.
  • The frames are never fullscreen, thereby making it challenging for visually-impaired individuals to see the information clearly.
  • The fact that future and previous frames can be seen at once tends to be slightly distracting for the users whose attention fades rather quickly.

Individual:       FREE

Organization:  $24/month
  • more options for visual styles
  • enables 25,000 views per month
  • SpicyNodes logo can be hid

Enterprise:      $149/month
  • enables up to 250,000 views per month

My two cents...
While SpicyNodes does present a nice, visual way to go about presenting information, the one thing that it does not offer is ample ease in setting up the presentation. I say this because there is a large amount of expanding and collapsing that takes place in order to create and order each "slide". One can however insert images with relative ease. Thus, I found that overall this website is best used for presentations that only supply basic information, as well as presentations that are very media heavy.

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