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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adventures in Coding: A Teacher's Perspective, pt. 1

Since coding is all the rage nowadays, I figured I'd spend Summer "Break" learning how to code. I must confess that I was very naive at first, thinking that my mathematical genius would kick in and I'd pick up the coding process in a snap. Boy was I wrong.

I've been using this free program called LearnStreet. The website offers beginner courses in Javascript, Python and Ruby. As a novice Techie, I chose the most "popular" course: Javascript. Mistake #1.

In my opinion Javascript tends to be based more on problem solving and logic, and less on mathematical equations and operations. After venting to my Twitter peeps on the many obstacles in Javascript coding that I have been unable to overcome, Mr. Gauthier (@mrgfactoftheday) suggested that I try Python. So, I did. And to be completely honest, it makes a lot more sense to me.

I like Python, because it is more attuned to mathematical procedures and operations, as opposed to Javascript which uses more logic and syntax in order to complete a code. Python has reminded me of theorems from my high school Pre-Calculus and Algebra II classes. Also, in coding practice, I've learned a lot about myself on a very technical level.

For example, I don't tend to follow rules to a "T", in coding, you have to. I also don't read directions when I think that something should be intuitive. In coding, you MUST read the directions, otherwise you'll get lost, and begin pulling your hair out. So, take my advice, for now...if you're new to coding, and you want to travel down Easy Street first, then start with Python, and once you gain some confidence in your abilities, give logic-based, syntax-heavy Javascript a go.

This is your TechTeacherT, signing off.

Until next time, when I conquer the beginner Python course.

Over and out.

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